No more unlimited data from Republic Wireless as the mobile carrier recently announced that it’s no longer offering such data plan but will instead offer refunds for unused data. It’s a new refund-based data plan that lets users to just buy data they need. Should they need more and actually use in excess, they only need to pay more. Not everyone may use up all data so limit  not used will be given a refund at the end of every month.

Sounds good? It is for those who don’t always use up all mobile data. It’s more affordable compared to other plans by other carriers. But for those who take advantage of their unlimited data, it’s upsetting. This means one must be wiser in how he uses his mobile data so as not to go over his plan and pay more dollars.

The idea is for everyone to start on Republic Wireless $10 basic plan and add cell data whenever you need it. Unused cell data will be refunded back at the beginning of each month—not as a credit but real dollars in one’s account.

republic wireless refund

So this is a refund. Republic Wireless knows WiFi coverage is already broad there’s really no need to connect to mobile Internet all the time. According to Republic Wireless, using more WiFi will save more money. Or the more WiFi you use, the more money you can get from the network. Agree?

If you want to get extra gigabytes, you can get 500MB more for $7.50, 1GB for $15, 2GB for $30, and 3GB as the maximum plan for only $45. We’re not sure how Republic Wireless and other carriers count data usage but the company is certainly encouraging people to use WiFi more often.

VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: Republic Wireless