The intense Real Racing 3 already offers some of the best graphics to date, especially for a mobile game, but today they’ve updated their popular Android racer with some massive changes. We’ve got some newly improved graphics, a few new cars from Bentley and M-Benz, and even new tracks. If you’re a fan of this excellent game you’ll want to read on for the full changes.

Rear Racing 3 is one of the most realistic racing games for Android, and has a huge following. We’ll put aside the fact that even though it’s free, it has tons of in-game purchases, and instead just focus on all the improvements today’s update delivered. With more than 180 new events you’ll have plenty of racing to enjoy during the holiday tomorrow. At least for those in the US.

Electronic Arts added tons to the game with this update. Not only do we get an awesome Bentley and Mercedes-Benz to race, but over 180 new tracks and events were added. That’s big. Then there’s an entirely new racing event called Time Trial. Here’s the full changelog:

• New manufacturers – Bentley and Mercedes-Benz
• New event type – Time Trial!
• New Clean Race and Daily Race Bonuses
• New progression system
• Improved graphics
• 180+ new events!

One of the best racing games for Android just got better. It’s still free, and after the 1.3 GB download you’ll be able to get some stunning new cars to fly around corners with, but don’t spend too much cash or you’ll have to pull out the real wallet to continue.

As far as improved graphics it appears the physics and such have slightly been improved, but that’s all we’ve noticed. Get it below and have fun racing on the streets.

VIA: Play Store