With hundreds and thousands of mobile applications available and more being added each day, don’t you wish there was an easier way to search for apps? Recently the App search service Quixey signed a deal with investors for around $3.8 million to help with research, development and to help grow new partnerships. With Quixey users will be able to search for mobile, desktop, and web apps based on what the app actually does.

The company is calling this “functional search” so users will be able to search and find apps based on a certain need, usage, or function rather than just getting average search results from keywords. Instead of seeing popular apps you’ve already heard about based on keywords in the title and description Quixey will actually search based on function. Instead of relying solely on what app developers say about their own products, Quixey incorporates data from review sites, social networks, blogs and more to determine what an app does and this is essentially how the “functional search” works.

Between Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, browser extensions and more there are millions of apps you can search for. While Quixey currently works on all those platforms they are quickly changing and plan to offer some great new features and a dedicated Android app once funding gets rolling. We should be seeing and hearing more from Quixey shortly and will report back once we have more details.

[via Venturebeat]