Qualcomm seems to be planning an upgrade to its current lower tier chipsets, namely the Snapdragon 400 series. There is evidence that the chipmakers are planning to launch the Snapdragon 450, an upgraded version of everything they offer in this series, and should give better processing power and battery efficiency to lower tier devices.

The Snapdragon 450 – internally coded SDM450, which also signals a change in Qualcomm’s more common “MSMxxxx” naming convention – is more related to the Snapdragon 625/626 than it is to the 400 series. Apparently, the SDM450 will have a true octa-core architecture with ARM Cortex-A53 chips clocked at around 2.0GHz. That should result to a substantial performance increase from the earlier Snapdragon 400 series chipsets.

The SDM450’s 14 nanometer production will also point to serious power efficiency for devices that would deign to use it. We can probably assume that the SDM450 will be a stripped down variant of the Snapdragon 625/626 models.

There is no information yet to price ranges for devices as there isn’t even a formal announcement for the Snapdragon 450 yet, and no information on when it will be available in the market.

SOURCE: WinFuture.de