Along with the Android Wear news we saw direct from Google, there was also a list of partners included with the project. We have yet to hear from every partner on the list, however more and more details are beginning to be unveiled. This latest bit comes courtesy of Qualcomm, who have confirmed “a number of” Android Wear based devices will be powered by Snapdragon.

Similar to the announcements we saw from Motorola and LG, the bit coming from Qualcomm didn’t go into many specifics. Details coming from Qualcomm include how they had been “working behind the scenes” with both Google and their OEM customers. Beyond that, nothing specific in terms of who they have been working with, or which devices we will see powered by Snapdragon.


We have also only been told these devices will be Snapdragon powered, so not only are we wondering which devices — we are wondering which processor they will be using. Naturally, Qualcomm brought mention of the Toq, and about how they were a pioneer in the wearable space. Honestly, a Snapdragon powered Android Wear smartwatch sounds pretty good.

But similar to what we saw announced yesterday, we are going to hold back some excitement until we see some actual working hardware. Or at the very least, an announcement with a bit more in terms of specifics. Having said that, Qualcomm did end their bit of news with a rather decent sounding teaser statement about how they “are just at the beginning of showing how wearable devices can improves people’s lives.”

SOURCE: Qualcomm