Challenging strategy games are dime a dozen but only a few can really capture your attention. Those interested with anything about guns, machines, and artillery will find REDCON an exciting game. It’s an adventure of a lifetime as you’ll never know when the next battle will be. Redcon wil have you commanding your own fortress against the rebellion of the Traitor General. He’s got his army ready to attack so you need to gather as much soldiers, superguns, and weapons in your choice of facilities.

As the Strike Commander, you have to strategize and plan well how you’re going to protect your battle fortress. You have the power to issue multiple orders and command your army to finish the enemies. Feel free to customize your army that will look after your battle fortress.

In Redcon, you are the only one in command. You have the authority over all the soldiers. Show the enemies that you can shoot a target and be victorious. In every battle, you will be challenged to put out fires, issue orders, repair weapons, and release orchestrated assaults. You will be earning medals and different items that can help you in future combats if you win a battle or two.

Redcon is free to download but in-app purchases and a premium version are offered. There are free 18 missions to complete but microtransactions will not be repeated.

Download REDCON from the Google Play Store