Have you ever had a situation where you needed desperately to print a document from either your smartphone or tablet but you are not able to send it to the connected computer or you don’t have the printer driver available? A new Kickstarter project wants to solve that problem by giving you a device that will wirelessly and securely print from your gadget to the printer available.

printWifi and printUSB can act as a bridge between your mobile device and printer so you don’t need to email documents to the computer attached to the printer or even search for printer drivers that will let you do so. You don’t even need to have network access to be able to print legal documents, papers and projects for school, tickets of the concert you’re watching, boarding pass for your travels, and a whole bunch of other things that need to be printed.

The process for printing is pretty easy and simple as well (well, at least based on what they’re telling us). First, you need to connect your smartphone or tablet to the printWifi or printUSB device. If you can’t use wifi connection, then you can connect the device through printUSB. Then you open the document on the printView app without having to send the document through email. And voila, now you can print.

With 50 days to go on their Kickstarter project, they have already reached their goal of $10,000, but you can still back them up if you feel like being one of the earliest owners of this device. Their estimated delivery date is by February 2015.

SOURCE: Kickstarter