No matter how much we want to be free of wires, there are just some times when even power packs just don’t cut it. But what if you need to power up more than just one device and all you have available is a lonely, solitary wall outlet? Then you will definitely need an outlet extender and PowerCube is one that is not only stylish but also keeps those wires from tangling into one another.

Plugging into sockets, especially in public places, isn’t a pretty sight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it with a bit of style. As its name not so subtly implies, the PowerCube comes in a sleek and compact cube, in cobalt blue and white combinations, to add a bit of character even to the mundane task of charging.

But more than just a fancy cube, each of the PowerCube’s faces, except for the one that plugs into the socket, lets you charge a separate device. The top of the cube even has dual USB charging ports for those devices that can be charged without having to resort to power outlets. The sockets give off 125 volts while the USB ones give 5V in 2,100 mA doses. The extender also has a resettable fuse that protects your devices from anything higher than 15 amperes.


The PowerCube Outlet Extender can be yours for the price of $17.95. That’s 10 percent off its $20 tag, available from Android Community Deals.

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