We’ve all been there, having a jungle of wires and chargers on our desk since we have a myriad of mobile devices charging, sometimes more than two at the same time. And while wireless charging is still a fairly new thing in the consumer market, we can predict that as more devices and OEMs start adapting it, it will become common sooner or later. Samsung has now announced the first ever wireless mobile charging monitor to help you manage your desk’s criss-crossed wires.

Samsung’s SE370 is the first ever monitor that has the capability to charge your mobile devices wirelessly. By simply placing your smartphone or tablet on the charging area located on the monitor’s stand, you’ll be able to juice up the device without having the inconvenience and annoyance of all those wires. As long as your device uses the Qi wireless charging standard, then you’re good to go.


Aside from its wireless charging capability, the SE370 also helps lessen the eye strain from staring too much at the monitor. It has an eye-saver mode that optimizes picture quality and at the same time lessens the harmful effects of the blue light, which is the usual culprit for eye strain. The high performance Plane-to-Line-Switching panel of the monitor gives the user the 178 degree wide-viewing angle, which is the universally-optimized viewing settings. Gamers will also have an improved experience because of the non-distractive and immersive settings.


The SE370 is available in 23.6 inches and 27 inches models, and has an Eco Saving Plus function that reduces screen brightness. The monitor itself, specifically the front cover, stand, and circuits are made without PVC. No word yet on its pricing and availability.

SOURCE: Samsung