The launch of LG’s flagship, the LG G4, is just a day away and we’re seeing this new leak out of Iran, of all places. The leak shows what is probably a dual-SIM variant of the new flagship from the Korean gadget manufacturer, and both a plastic-backed and the premium leather-backed variant as well. Nice scoop for the guy who got this out first, eh?

We’ve already seen a number of leaks of the LG G4, as well as official teasers which show that the new flagship will probably have a variant that has premium genuine leather used for the back (no cheap faux leather, take that Samsung!). The photos from Iran show both a plastic back and a leather back, plus one with an interesting icon on the bottom right that seems to point to the possibility of a dual-SIM variant.


That said, here’s what to expect of the LG G4 launch in New York. You can expect the patented rear button placement, and possibly a slightly curved form factor. There will be a stunning QuadHD display, brought to life by either a 64-bit octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 or a hexa-core Snapdragon 808. Recent performance tests and some known overheating issues of the 810 make the 808 route a possibility, though we’re still not sure.

Couple that with a great camera – as shown by the teaser promos – and all looks fine and dandy for the launch. Hope some of you guys are excited at what LG is bringing to the table. Watch this space!

VIA: Phone Arena