OrangeSec, a hacker group out of Italy, are out and about claiming that they have ported Cortana – Microsoft’s voice digital assistant and answer to Apple’s Siri – to Android. As we all know, apart from the meager features of Google Now, there is not a single official voice digital assistant for Android. So the group has ported Microsoft’s Cortana – naming it Cortaña – not to create a competitor, but to encourage the Redmond-based company to do an official port.

The hack/port does have some limitations, according to OrangeSec. One is that Cortaña only speaks Italian – which is a bummer for the English-speaking world. Also, the port doesn’t work offline because Portaña still needs to interface with Microsoft’s servers. Also, the port is at best a glimpse of what can be done – OrangeSec has not ported all of Cortana’s features, as Portaña still can’t naturally interface and integrate with Android like it is able to with a Windows Phone.

Microsoft has come out officially saying (in so many words) that while Portaña is a good hack, it’s still not Cortana. That much is obvious of course – with all the limitations the port has. “We believe the best way to enjoy the full Cortana experience is as designed by Microsoft and available through Windows Phone and the Windows 10 technical preview,” is the official statement from Redmond, which is corporate-speak for, “Yeah, Cortana is still better with Microsoft.”


OrangeSec is actually just proving a point – that with a bit of work, Microsoft might be able to leverage on the lack of a unifying voice digital assistant in Android. Cortana might actually be a success if Microsoft offers it for Android. That’s a long shot as of now, but no one can say to OrangeSec that they didn’t try.

VIA: Venture Beat