This award-winning platformer game from iOS has just made its way to Android, starting today. Available right now in the Google Play Store this will surely consume part of your weekend. If you love games, particular platformer games, you’ll want to check out Jazz: Trump’s Journey. Set in New Orleans they’ve added a daring storyline and a Jazz player to the popular platformer genre.

It’s has that old school feel, with hints of classic New Orleans Jazz and takes you back to where the music all began. If you are also a Jazz fan you’ll want to download this purely for the awesome soundtrack. This isn’t your typical platformer either as they have all kinds of different elements and cut-scenes too.

You’ll be able to use your famous and great sounding trumpet playing skills to actually freeze time, which helps you overcome challenging enemies you’ll face throughout your musical journey in New Orleans. You can share results with Facebook and Twitter and the game even follows the real life story of Louis Armstrong, and his journey to becoming a Jazz legend. This game might not be for everyone but it’s still fun if you’re not a Jazz fan, and the graphics are awesome. Available starting today get it from the link below for Android.

Jazz Google Play Link

[via PocketGamer]