Here’s a little boost of nostalgia for you all. You can now watch episodes of Pokemon, arguably one of the most popular cartoon shows of the late 90’s, straight from your Android device. The Pokemon TV app lets you stream free episodes from the series straight to your device. It doesn’t have the complete series, but there are enough episodes to help you kill time and also find your inner child.

The Pokemon TV app updates its selection of episodes weekly, but we’re not sure whether the older episodes will be phased out, or remain in the app. The app also features movies, trailers, and specials from the beloved series that you can watch to your heart’s content.

What I would love to see is an official Pokemon game released for Android devices. Pokemon should definitely follow the examples of Square Enix and re-release their old games to the Android devices. That would be a trip down memory lane for everyone. Pokemon did state that it intended on releasing a Pokemon game for both iOS and Android, however we have yet to see proof of that.

The Pokemon TV app is available on both Android smartphones and tablets, and it features a user-friendly interface for navigating through the many seasons of Pokemon. The promotional video above shows the app in action, and gives you a preview of what you can expect from it. The app is available now from the Google Play store.

[via Google Play]