We know some of you have started preparing for Pokemon GO’s first birthday. July 22 is fast approaching but it took a while before the team released the tickets to the event happening in Chicago, Illinois at the Grant Park. This real-world event can be attended by all fans of the popular augmented reality game which broke records in the mobile gaming industry.

As promised for June 19, event details are now out. One of the major sponsors is Boost Mobile so if you happened to get a ticket, expect the carrier’s logo to be very visible all throughout the event. You’ll get to meet thousands of Trainers from all over the world so you can celebrate together Pokemon GO’s one-year milestone at Grant Park in Chicago. We know you’re excited about this but sadly, tickets are already sold out.

Don’t worry though, you can still participate in the Pokémon GO Fest but we’ll have to wait for further announcements. While waiting, play the game and watch out for the new features and updates.

If you’re going to Chicago, expect an increase in Pokémon encounters, more challenges and rewards, plus the chance to unlock the very exclusive Pokemon GO Fest Chicago medal. To get it, you’ll have to finish a special course that will be launched with special PokeStops. Wait to win 2 km Eggs that you can only get at the fest.

Visit the three team lounges available—Valor, Mystic, and Instinct. Take photos with your fave Pokemon and capture the moment for a more memorable experience.

SOURCE: Pokemon GO