Sony Mobile’s Entwined game is new for Android but this relaxing game has been around for PlayStation.  There’s not much action except for controlling the two characters, a blue bird and an orange fish, down a circular tunnel. It’s not often that we come across a simple game that is not addicting so I think this one is special.

The Android game is a smaller version of the Entwined game for the Sony PS3, PS4, and PS Vita gaming consoles. If you’re a fan of the game, you’ll find this as hypnotic as the full version. So wherever you are, you can achieve a true “zen” experience. Game is really simple and calm.

Entwined Challenge is $0.99 on Google Play Store. It will definitely make you calm as there are no in-app purchases necessary. Maybe Pixelopus, the game developer, thinks there is no need to offer in-app items but since we’re talking about visuals and music, perhaps new backgrounds and songs could be offered in the future.

Playing the game is easy, line up the fish and bird as you zoom down the tunnel with the glowing petal-like things (or are those wings of some special creature?). Gameplay seems endless but if you’re into it and like to pass time without getting all dizzy, then Entwined Challenge is for you.

Here is a sample gameplay video of the Entwined Challenge:

Download Entwined Challenge from Google Play Store

VIA: Android Police