Those rocking an Android device with Verizon Wireless will soon have another app store of sorts. This latest will be a gaming portal and it comes as a result of a partnership between Verizon Wireless and Playphone. Basically, this sounds like something those searching for games may be interested in. Of course, the companies are touting perks for developers as well as the users.

The Playphone Game Portal will begin showing up on Verizon Android devices during the second quarter of 2013. Verizon has yet to say which devices would get the Game Portal first, however they have said that it will be coming to the newest devices first with an eventual rollout to older devices as well.

One aspect of the Playphone Game Portal is social. The folks at Playphone have said that their SDK will allow developers to easily add social game discovery capabilities to include recommendations, invites and leaderboards. They also believe that given this is a game focused portal, developers who are releasing games may have better visibility as opposed to the Play Store.

Needless to say, a developer is still able to have their titles released in the Play Store and the Playphone Game Portal. Shifting back over to the users and we see some perks in terms of easy billing. Games purchased through the Game Portal will be billed directly to your regular Verizon account. Similar to the increased visibility for developers, this should flip nicely for the user. Well, that is assuming the user is looking for games.

[via PhoneScoop]