Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ) is probably one of the most iconic mobile games in the history of mobile gaming. It’s got everything – easy controls, mobile-centric gameplay, cute visual elements, replay value, and challenging levels. It seems like the perfect template for a mobile game, and that’s why it was so darned successful. But now Brian Lindley, producer of the massive game, is willing to move with the times and change it up, putting out Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes, a new collectible card battle game.

So it’s been a while since PvZ and PvZ 2. Then came the recent tower defense game PvZ Garden Warfare, and all of us enjoyed those games to one extent or another. But these new trends in mobile gaming need new approaches, so Lindley is putting out PvZ: Heroes as a collectible card battle game that pits your cute plant heroes against their zombie counterparts.

Most of us know how a collectible card battle game goes, so this will be pretty much straightforward, except that we’d like to see what kind of cute skills and powers these heroes will bring to the battlefield. Of course, you can choose to be on the plant side or on the zombie side.

The game is now out on soft launch in some territories, so you can check via the Google Play Store if the game is available in your territory. We will let you know when the game goes out to the global market.