We don’t have actual numbers, but it’s probably safe to say that a lot of parents’ broken or even slightly damaged smartphones are probably caused by a child accidentally dropping it when they’re either playing games or taking pictures. Then expensive solution would be to buy them their own phone but if you just want them to learn mobile photography, there’s an easier and cheaper way to do it. PixlPlay is currently crowdfunding over on Kickstarter, and if you’re looking for a solution to the problem we mentioned earlier, then this may be something you can consider.

Basically, PixlPlay is a case that can turn your smartphone into a camera that children can play with, and will protect it from accidental drops while they’re experimenting with it. It gives the kids the freedom to be creative, active, and just have some fun as they learn and practice photography. And if they’re just starting to fully develop their motor skills, the case can actually help improve their dexterity with its rubber grips and working knobs. And of course it has scratch, dirt, and drop protection so they can be as active as they want to be.

It is compatible with most Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S series, Google Pixel, or basically any smartphone with the dimensions of 5.59 x 2.95 x 0.374 inches. You open the door of the case which has two child resistant latches (so they can’t open it later on), attach your smartphone through the audio jack wit its adjustable clamp, and then operate it as you would normally use it. The kids can use the working shutter button when they take their pictures.

If you support their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, you need only pay $20 to get one of the PixlPlay cases. They have currently raised around $17k of their $25k goal. There are still 29 days to go, so hopefully, they will be able to raise enough to fund the camera.

SOURCE: Kickstarter