Ah Utopia. We would like to live in such a society, but some say it is impossible to ever achieve something like it. But a new Android game will allow you to build a society in it, albeit only digitally and pixel-wise. The city building game is called Pixel People and if you liked Tiny Tower and all its iterations, then you’ll enjoy this game which lets you simply build a community in a place called, you guessed it, Utopia. Oh, and you need to be okay with the idea of cloning.

Yes, we do mean cloning, since you need to splice together the genes of different kinds of pixel people in order to create your own ideal, thriving society. You will be able to create as many as 280 different kinds of people to populate your Utopia and more than 100 buildings of different businesses and industries to help your city earn money. And of course, pixel people are just like any other people in that they “fall in love” and this will benefit you as you earn bonuses for every 11 “love hearts” that you are able to collect.

To be able to sustain your city, you need money of course (the virtual kind). Just like in Tiny Tower, you earn money by placing residents in buildings that you build. You can even build a “Google Tech Park” that is exclusive for Android mayors. Just like with any society, Utopia has its “secrets” and its up to you to unlock these and get surprised. Oh, and yes, there are also animals hidden around the city for you to discover (but not to clone unfortunately).

Pixel People is free to download from the Google Play Store. However, there are in-app purchases within the game for as high as $24.99, so be careful if you have a “I need to buy this item to get ahead of this game” problem.