If you’re a huge Pinterest user, you were probably wishing that they would finally launch the Lens feature that they made available to a small group of people. Well the good news is that yes, they are now widening the audience for the real-world visual discovery tool. However, it is still in beta version and only in the US for now. Well, at least you will be able to experience better and more visual search on Pinterest and help them improve this tool in the process.

Once you’ve downloaded the beta app (if you haven’t yet) and/or updated it to the latest version, you will see the Lens in the search bar. Well, in fact, it’s not an actual lens but a red camera icon. You then point it at an object, like shoes, artwork, recipe ingredients, etc, then see what ideas on Pinterest will turn up. You can also use actual photos that you’ve saved on your camera roll to do a visual search. You can also try different Lenses like travel and fashion ideas, turntables, etc by simply swiping up to discover them.

But of course since this is still in beta, the scope of the Lens search is still pretty much limited. When it comes to recipes, outfits, and decoration ideas, it has a pretty extensive database. But as for other objects, it is still learning, hence they’re still in beta. You can give them feedback by tapping on the + button when you feel that one of the suggested images isn’t correct or helpful.

You can update your Pinterest app to the latest version but don’t expect it to be working perfectly since it’s in beta. But you will still probably have fun using the Lens as you search images in real-life and virtually as well.

SOURCE: Pinterest