If you like to read the Philadelphia Inquirer and are a fan of Android tablets the newspaper has a deal coming soon that you will like. The paper will be offering discounted Android tablets to people that purchase a subscription to the paper. The tablets would be used to access the digital version of the paper. The deal isn’t finalized at this point and the details are not clear.

The paper doesn’t specifically know what tablet the discounts will be offered on. What the Philadelphia Media Group that owns the paper does know is that the tablets would be offered to subscribers at about half off the normal price. The digital edition of the paper would be about $2.99 weekly and presumably, there would be a contract.

The tablets would come with icons for the paper preloaded as well as apps that were specific to the paper as well. The program also allows the paper to half consumer data to monitor how they consume news. The program will launch in late August with 2,000 tablets and roll out in a larger scale later in the year.

[via PC Mag]