Year 2015 could be the year of wearables. There are a lot of smartwatch models running Android Wear that are being introduced left and right even before Apple releases the Mac fans’ highly anticipated Apple Watch. But Google was first to enter the wearable industry with Android Wear and the wearable OS now actually runs on various models from different manufacturers. Android Wear apps  have been developed specifically for the smartwatches and we can expect more to arrive on the Google Play Store.

The PaperWear is a special app for Android Wear devices that displays top articles from popular websites like,, and among others. The app refreshes content every 12 hours to keep you regularly updated about the stuff you want to know. Instead of constantly checking news apps or websites on your smartphone or Android tablet, you can choose to receive notifications instead.

The PaperWear app makes it possible for news to be delivered to your smartwatch screen. You can save the article to read later or if reading has become challenging. You can then read the article right on your smartphone. User interface is limited because of the small screen size but PaperWear should be very useful.

Download PaperWear from the Google Play Store