The popular Internet radio app Pandora was recently updated with a redesigned interface. This fresh new mobile UI now comes with new functionalities and new station personalization features. This means avid Pandora users can customize their listening experience and they are allowed to discover more of their favorite music.

Pandora has been around for more than a decade and its engineering team continually works to bring the best and personalized radio listening experience to anyone. Pandora currently has 776 million monthly listeners and the number continues to grow. Last September, the users logged about 1.65 billion listening hours according to Pandora Chief Technology Officer Chris Martin.

Pandora’s Vice President of Design and Creative at Pandora Tony Calzaretta is also  excited about this development.

“This redesign allowed us to reflect and evolve on the core spirit of Pandora. With this update, our team arrived at design solutions that exist at the intersection of instinctually and analytically driven insights. We did this with an emphasis on simplicity and clarity, so that we can maximize the listener’s ability to personalize their stations and fit their desired Pandora experience.”

Pandora’s design team wants to simplify the experience so enhancements are made to the UI. The update will be available to all Pandora tablet and mobile users in the next few months. Major changes include a redesigned interface, enhanced station personalization capabilities, and improved artist discovery.

The redesigned interface is now simpler and clearer. Listeners are now given a different sense of place and navigation with the new transitions from the Station List to the Now Playing screen. You can find a new Personalization Icon that allows easy access to features that give them more information about the Pandora stations. Listeners can now view comprehensive thumb history and adjust thumb feedback for old tracks listened to. A new “un-thumbing” feature has been added as well. And for listeners to dicover new music and artists, simply swipe and tap to view song details about the new artists. This redesign now allows easier access to artist information.

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SOURCE: Pandora