Fans of smartphones in Japan have been able to get devices with the Panasonic logo on them for a while now and the company has sold mobiles in the country for many years. Panasonic has only offered its mobile phone wares inside Japan since 2005. It looks like Panasonic is now set to push those smartphones out to other countries including Europe. I would expect that if Panasonic hits Europe it would come to the US as well.

Europe and the US are two of the most prolific smartphone using areas in the world. According to reports, Panasonic is seeking a European PR agency to handle the launching of its smartphone Southside of Japan. There is no official comment from Panasonic on the move. The phones are said to be Android offerings.

Panasonic is also reported to be looking at launching the devices next year. Panasonic has only been in the smartphone business in Japan a while now. It has offered devices like the P-07A back in 2009.

[via SlashGear]