When a person receives a lot of emails, whether for professional or academic or even personal purposes, there are times when they will probably miss a couple of them, especially if it’s a general email to a work or school group. But what if you could call the attention of a specific person in an email so they won’t miss it? If you’re using the Outlook mobile app, you will now be able to do so once you’ve updated to the latest version.

When you’re typing an email and you want to call the attention of one of the recipients, you just type the @ symbol and then a list of your frequent contacts will appear. And just in case the contact is not yet in your To: line, it will automatically add them as well. To further catch their attention, their name will be highlighted in blue (sorry if you’re a blue hater, it’s the only color available). An @ flag will also appear in their Inbox view, right beside the message where they are tagged.

Another new feature that comes with the Outlook update is the ability to easily add people to events in your calendar. Instead of manually adding people to an event, you just need to forward them the invitation. However, this particular feature is only for Office 365 users and not for all Outlook users.

The changelog seems not to be showing up yet in the Google Play Store page of the app. But you can try and update the app already or wait for it to roll out to you.

VIA: MS Power User