If what you’re wishing for Christmas is not a new smartphone but rather some new accessories to go with your new (or old) gadgets, then Otterbox wants to give you some options, in terms of things you can use for your on-the-go lifestyle. You can choose from among Bluetooth earphones, audio adaptors, car chargers, and micro USB cables. These accessories range from $24.95 – $99.95 and are available for purchase through otterbox.com. While these products aren’t necessarily “sexy”, they’re pretty important especially for those who are always mobile.

First off, you get two pairs of new earphones that you can use for your listening needs. Both the Otterbox Bluetooth Earphones and the Otterbox Earphones have tangle-free cords and earbuds that will fit you best, and of course, decent sound quality. It uses custom-molding technology from DECIBULLZ and frees your audio experience form ambient sound and also gives you sweat-proof comfort. The Bluetooth earphones have magnetic controls as well. While Otterbox isn’t necessarily known for its audio equipment, this may be something you’d want to try out, as it is just $99.95 for the Bluetooth one and $49.95 for the regular earphones.

You also have the Otterbox Bluetooth Audio Adaptor ($39.95) so you can plug the earbuds in its 3.5mm jack and stream your music. You can even connect it with an aux cable to your car. The Otterbox USB Car Charger ($24.95) lets you charge two devices even while you’re on the road, with its 2.4 AMP USB ports. The USB Wall Charger ($24.95) also brings users 2.4 AMP charging and like the car charger, they are both impact-resistant.

You also have the Otterbox Micro USB cable ($29.95) which is 3 meters long so when you’re at the back of the car, you will still be able to use it. It has 2.4 AMP as well and has extended strain relief. Lastly, you have the Utility Series Sleeve ($24.95-$29.95) to help protect your laptop with its microfiber-lined interior and soft-shell frame. All of these accessories are available at otterbox.com.

SOURCE: Otterbox