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OPPO’s ultra-fast charging claimed to degrade battery faster

OPPO Fast Charging Solution Tested

OPPO has recently introduced faster-charging solutions that included the 125W wired and 65W wireless. The 125W wired is considered the fastest but is now being challenged by Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 5. The charging solution is fast as it is able to fully charge a 4000mAh battery within 20 minutes. That is really fast but it’s not without a price. It charges fast which means battery capacity decreases also at a faster rate. Battery degradation is real and some people can actually prove it.

A group of Italian tech enthusiasts checked the OPPO’s fast-charging claim. The test revealed interesting data. The battery was degraded to 85% of the original capacity after 255 cycles at 65W charging. That is only after 255 cycles.

It’s a bit disappointing because OPPO said after 800 full charge cycles, the battery will only be at 80% capacity. That is fast compared to other battery charging systems. It could only mean about two years of having almost full battery capacity. After 800 cycles, it’s down to 80%.

Watch the video below if you understand Italian:

The 125W charging is impressive but the quick battery degradation is worse compared to its previous 65W charging solution that could reach 91% after 800 full cycles. It’s not really surprising because faster charging puts a strain onto a battery. The question now will depend on what a user really wants–faster charging or slow battery degradation.