What number comes after 5? Of course everyone knows it’s 6. But if you’re Oppo, you follow up the popular Neo 5 smartphone, not with a Neo 6, but with Oppo Neo 7 (we still don’t know why). The new smartphone from the Chinese OEM is set to be premiered in India within the week and is set to continue the “unique design” that it inherited from its predecessor and make the mirror-backed device even better.

The Neo 7 has a 5-inch screen and runs on a quad-core CPU. It has a 1GB RAM, which is pretty low compared to most devices in the market but pretty standard for an entry-level device (which is not the positioning of the Neo 7 so far). It has 16GB internal storage but can be expanded to 32GB (for the 3G version) and 128GB (for the 4G version) through a micro SD slot. It has a 2420 mAh battery, which may be enough for a day if you use the phone intermittently.

But of course the crowning glory, so to speak, of the smartphone is its removable mirror surface. The back reflects light like a mirror because of the 13 layers of coating that went through 40 processes plus a special laminating process to make it as thin as 0.56 mm. It uses industry-leading optical coating technology and fiber glass materials, so you know it’s strong even though it looks fragile.

The mid-tier device also has an 8MP main camera and a 5MP front-facing one, plus the PureImage 2.0+ imaging platform. The 4G edition has the ability to shoot in Ultra HD six consecutive photos and then combines to get a 24MP ultra HD image. They did not give a specific price just yet, but saying it falls within the below $200 price point. The launch will happen on October 28 in India but the Neo 7 will be released in 17 markets in Southeast Asia, South Asia, MENA and Mexico.