We just said that Opera browsers are getting the built-in ad blocker feature last week. The Opera Mini for Android is finally getting the improvements on the UI plus the ad-blocking additions as mentioned. If you’re into personalizing your devices, know that there are now six color themes to choose from. You’ll also notice that ad blocker counter in Opera Mini so you will see how many ads have been blocked already.

The built-in feature is free and can be enjoyed after you’ve updated the Opera Mini for Android. Browsing is faster because ads are no longer loading. They are blocked automatically, resulting to a faster loading of web links and pages by about 40%. As we also noted last week, faster loading will mean more data savings especially when you’re connected to a mobile Internet.

The ad-blocking feature must be enabled first on your Opera Mini. You will see this option just above the “O” menu represented by a shield icon. When an ad is blocked, the icon will light up and show a number. The counter tells the number of ads already blocked.

Opera Mini ad blocker 2

Just because you’ve downloaded or updated to the latest Opera Mini for Android, it doesn’t mean ads are automatically blocked. You need to activate ad blocking first. Toggle the “block ads” when you see it on the “data savings” option. Blocking will be enabled when your device is connected to mobile Internet. Blocking ads on Wi-Fi is a different option so check if “data savings on Wi-Fi” toggle is on.

Download Opera Mini from the Google Play Store