If you plan to be an owner of a OnePlus 2 which is just the second flagship device from Chinese brand OnePlus, then you probably would want to protect it at all cost, barring you actually losing the phone or someone steals it. They are now introducing an extended warranty program for when there will be accidental damage to your device in the future. Of course you’d have to pay a little more extra as an addition to your purchase of the smartphone itself, but that should be worth it, especially if you know that you will probably incur some sort of damage to it one of these days.

OnePlus partnered with German product insurers simplesurance for the On-Guard plan, which you can add to your shopping cart before checking out the OnePlus 2 when buying from their website. But if you buy one, didn’t get the extended warranty at first, but now decided that it’s a good thing to pay extra for, then you have 15 days since you bought it to go back and get On-Guard by calling customer support from simple insurance.

It will also be adding it to the upcoming OnePlus X which will be launched later this month.The insurance will cover things like breakage (specifically a broken screen), accidental damage, if you damage it because you dropped it, liquid damage, if someone vandalizes your phone, and other things explained in the document at checkout. You can follow the instructions regarding claims when you visit their 24 hour online claims service.

But, if you live outside of Europe, hold your horses. Only the OnePlus 2 purchased November 2 onwards and bought in an EU store will be able to avail of On-Guard. Users in India have their own extended warranty service, while those in the US and Canada will have to wait a little longer.