A specific review of the OnePlus 3 has criticized the new “flagship killer’s” display spec, such that a good number of comments have erupted about it on Reddit. The author of the review has gone on to say that “it’s the worst display I’ve examined during my time at AnandTech”, which has caught the attention of Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus and an avid Redditor himself. Pei has taken time to respond strongly to this statement.

AnandTech is what it is – one of the more hardcore tech sites around, and they publish reviews going into tremendous amount of detail and testing because, hey, that’s what they love to do. On AnandTech’s review of the OnePlus 3, they basically had some good things to say about the phone over all – including praises for the metal unibody build and the phone’s camera. Getting into a lot of detail for the display, it basically says that the 1080p AMOLED screen on the OnePlus 3 is crap.


Carl Pei has responded quite strongly to this on Reddit. He says that he is “sick and tired of sentiment like this” and that it is “insulting” to a company like them. He says that for OnePlus, customer experience will always be “above” specs – and Pei says that a spec by spec analysis is not how you judge a product. Pei says that the common knowledge of putting top specs together does not necessarily give you a top device. Click on the source link to see his full comment.

To give a comparison, a number of popular tech blogs have been quite accommodating of the OnePlus 3’s display, using words like “solid” and “up to par”. AnandTech has so far been the most critical, saying that “unfortunately, the display really kills the phone”. If you’re a OnePlus 3 owner, do you agree or disagree with the review?

SOURCE: Reddit