We’re still a few days away from the rumored announcement of the OnePlus 2, but the hype machine seems to be at work already. After some camera details and a review were leaked by a YouTuber who probably received an advanced copy of the device, now we have images comparing the camera prowess of the new flagship from the Chinese brand to that of the Samsung Galaxy S6, and it looks like the bigger megapixels doesn’t always guarantee the best quality.

Samsung’s flagship may have boasted of its 16MP and optical image stabilization features, but based on the comparison pictures taken with it and the OnePlus 2, which will have a 13MP main camera, it looks like the latter is winning over the former. While we don’t discount that there may have been a bit of marketing manipulation going behind the scenes, just basing on the surface images, the OnePlus 2 is better able to reproduce color and gives sharper looking images compared to the Galaxy S6 in macro mode.



Four comparison images were “leaked” and it shows that details are also better captured by the OnePlus 2 and they were much more “realistic” looking. While this may be just one aspect of the overall smartphone experience, it is a huge one, and OnePlus may have learned their lesson that the camera isn’t something they should be skimping on.



Not much other details have been confirmed about the OnePlus 2, except that it will be running in Snapdragon 810, it will have a metal body and it will be using the new USB Type C connector. Let’s wait and see if more details will be released or leaked before the launch on the 27th.

VIA: OnePlus BBS