Oh yes, the OnePlus 2 is coming. No doubt about it. OnePlus has been busy working on its next flagship Android phone, defending it from early criticisms, and advertising that it will be launched in a virtual reality event next month. We’re very much interested to know how this OnePlus 2 will fare against the competition because the company is confident that it’s better than the first version.

We have no idea how it looks until over the weekend when one reader shared with PhoneArena two photos of what is believed to be the OnePlus 2. The blurry images are of two sides of the smartphone, giving us an idea that it could have a metal build and a larger screen. The phone looks a lot like the OnePlus One but under the camera and flash at the back, there seems to be some sort of a fingerprint scanner as rumored and and benchmarked. We’ve been hearing that the OnePus 2 will have such scanner and metal build and these photos somehow prove such information.

OnePlus sold about one million OnePlus one handsets compared to the 50,000 to 100,000 units target. That’s a great achievement for OnePlus so we’re looking forward if the OnePlus 2 will surpass its predecessor. With the improved specs of a 5.7-inch screen, Snapdragon 810 chipset, octa-core CPU, Adreno 430 GPU, and a Type-C USB port on the Android phone, I don’t see why the OnePlus 2 won’t make it big in the market again.

OnePlus 2

The July 27 launch date is highly anticipated because OnePlus is going to introduce the smartphone in a new VR experience. It’s a global event where the audience will watch a livestream from a OnePlus Cardboard. The company is taking advantage of this technology even if it’s in its early stages but we don’t know how to get the custom VR headset yet. OnePlus already said they are losing money with this gimmick but it’s all for the best. (Right?!) We’ll see.

VIA: Phone Arena