The recently concluded IFA 2014 in Berlin has reinforced what many are saying that we are entering the ear of the wearable, as smartwatches took center stage. A lot of developers have also been coming up with wearable-friendly apps or making exisitng apps relevant to health bands, smartwatches and the like. Microsoft is now getting on the Android Wear “revolution”, by making its note-taking app One Note available for smartwatches that are running on the platform.

The way it works is pretty simple. For example you’re doing your daily run around the park, and suddenly you remember that you have to make an important call later on. You don’t even need to break your stride, just lift up your smartwatch, say “OK Google, take a note” and then dictate what you need to do, like, “Call boss to ask for a raise,” or something. It will then transcribe what you dictated and save it as a note in the QuickNotes section of the app. You can edit it later on if you want to add things, but the important thing is, the note has been saved.

First you have to install OneNote on your Android smartphone that runs on 4.3 or higher (if you don’t have it yet). Of course, it goes without saying that you need a smartwatch. If you already have all those, just install OneNote for Android Wear and then you can start dictating to your wrist whenever you want or feel like it or actually need it.

You can download OneNote for Android and OneNote for Android Wear for free from the Google Play Store. Early reviews suggest it is pretty useful and simple enough to use, but let’s see later on how it stacks up to other note-taking apps for wearables.

SOURCE: Microsoft