The Omate TrueSmart watch launched on Kickstarter on August 21 and quickly reached the goal amount of $100,000. In fact, the campaign is currently sitting at $263,791 with 27 days remaining. With that in mind the folks behind the smartwatch have offered the first status update. This one talks a bit about production, but has some good news in terms of app availability.

How about we start with the app availability portion. In this case they are confirming Google Play Store access will be included. This seems to have been a sticky issue with Omate who were concerned about offering it due to the size and resolution of the display. Basically, it seems to reason that not all apps will run perfectly. Otherwise, the watch will launch with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

While Play Store access will be included by default, there is also still some thought going into another app store. The talk here is to be able to highlight apps that have been tweaked for the TrueSmart. Omate has said this would allow them to “help Developers highlight and promote their TrueSmart / Smartwatch apps (or Smartwatch version of their apps).”

Shifting over to the talk of production, here Omate has said the “funding has helped us [them] start production preparations already.” Basically it looks like they are still on track for a delivery as originally promised. The Kickstarter page had an estimated delivery date of November 2013 and this update mentioned that “the Omate Team is focusing on Time-To-Market and is dedicated to deliver the TrueSmart on time and on quality – Developers in October and Users in November.”

This news aside, there is still plenty of time to back the project should you be interested in a TrueSmart — a watch that is being billed as “smartwatch 2.0.” The lowest early bird level has sold-out but there are still some Special #2 slots available at $189. Once those are filled the watch price will increase to $199. And as for retail, the Omate TrueSmart is expected to sell for $299 when it comes available for retail sales.

SOURCE: Kickstarter