Omate offered a status update in terms of TrueSmart shipments recently. That update had shipments ranging from mid-November for the 512MB+4GB EU 3G model with the remainder running through December. Well, while we aren’t expecting that timeline to change, it does appear as if Omate has begun the final stages of prep work to ensure all backers receive their reward.

Simply put, the folks at Omate have begun sending out the “TrueSmart Pledge Re-Confirmation” emails. These are simple and are basically just asking users to confirm everything they submitted when the Kickstarter period ended and the payments were initially withdrawn. We have yet to receive word from Omate as to whether these went to all backers, however we can say that one has appeared in our inbox.

Admittedly, we were amongst the first few backers and got in as part of the Early Bird #1 group. Anyway, this is a simple email that has you replying back with any requested information and/or changes. Unfortunately the email does not offer anything in terms of an updated shipping timeline, or specific date. Needless to say, we will be on the lookout for additional emails to follow.

That all being said, we are curious to get hands-on with the TrueSmart and will have a hands-on and review posted after our unit arrives. We are a bit disappointed with some of the recent news, notably, with the lack of Play Store availability, but for that, we are hoping there is some interest and a solution to root, unlock and do some playing comes.

Otherwise, Omate has also shared some recent images on Facebook. These pics are of the TrueSmart in the factory. The gallery contains quite a few images and Omate has shown everything from workers doing the assembly to parts of the watch and even a few of the exploded view t-shirt that was available for backers to add in along with their watch.