The folks at Omate offered a look at the retail packaging earlier in the week. And in addition, that status update also brought mention of how the team was “a bit late” for the October deliveries. Well, coming by way of another Omate provided status update, the team has confirmed there will be “a delay in shipping” the October Developers Edition watches.

The Omate Kickstarter ended on a high-note having closed with $1 million in funding. The lead up to that close was also fun to watch as stretch goals brought extra features. The Omate team even managed to keep things exciting after. They showed off the OCharger, which is a charging cradle that will be included for all backers.

Of course, that is not to say the whole process has been smooth and happy for the backers. A day before the Omate team mentioned the news of the charging cradle, they dropped the Play Store news. We suspect every backer remembers that piece, but to clarify, the Play Store is not going to ship on the TrueSmart.

Anyway, back to this delay. There wasn’t any solid timeline given, however there was mention of how “all efforts are being made to ensure shipping begins in the next week or two.” The reason for the delay is due to parts. Some are said to have arrived with an unexpected minor defect. The affected parts include the audio speaker, metal clasp and wrist band as well as the retail packaging and charging cradle.


In addition, there was also mention of the FCC. It seems the shutdown will affect the US shipping timeframe.

“CE certification is confirmed already but we’ve been informed that the FCC has been affected by the recent US government shutdown and a lot of applications have been on hold during that time.”

Omate did go on to mention they expect this to be taken care of very soon, but while “there is absolutely no reason why we [they] won’t get FCC approval” they cannot ship those units until the proper approvals have been received. All that being said, while all of the updates that have arrived since the Kickstarter period ended have not been positive, we do have to credit Omate for keeping the backers up to date — with good and bad.