It looks like a shipping status update has arrived from the folks at Omate. And jumping right in here, it looks like the smartwatches will be shipping based on specs, as opposed to when you when you backed on Kickstarter. In other words, those who got in as an early bird will not necessarily be amongst the first to receive their TrueSmart.

According to details provided by Omate, their “priority is to launch the developer edition with rooted software followed by the standard edition.” Other details here mention how the Developer Edition software has been finalized and is ready to be loaded onto the production model watches. While no shipping date was offered, it was said that production and assembly will start on Monday.

Aside from the Developer Edition TrueSmart, the remaining watches will be run in batches — depending on the specs you have, as opposed to when you did the backing on Kickstarter. Basically, it looks like those who upgraded any specs on the watch will be waiting a few extra weeks.

Omate has said, the “production will run in batches according to the different models.” The models include the 512MB/4GB, then 1GB/4GB and will be followed by the 1GB/8GB model. Assuming there are no further delays, these will begin in mid-November and run through mid-December.

  • 512MB+4GB (2100MHz EU 3G): Mid Nov
  • 512MB+4GB (1900MHz US 3G): Begin of Dec
  • 1GB+4GB (1900MHz US &2100MHz EU 3G): Begin of Dec
  • 1GB+8GB (2100MHz EU 3G): Mid Dec
  • 1GB+8GB (1900MHz US 3G): Mid Dec

SOURCE: Kickstarter