It looks like those who backed the Omate TrueSmart will be getting an extra accessory included for free. The team behind the smartwatch has announced a charging cradle. Specifically, the “TrueSmart Desktop Charging Cradle” which is said to have been designed to make it easier to charge the watch and also protect it from damage.

The cradle snaps around the face of the watch and connects to power using a standard USB to microUSB charging cable. The cradle will allow you to charge the watch and also transfer data when it is connected to a computer. That all aside, the charging cradle will be shipped along with the watches and at no additional cost.


Otherwise, while those who backed the TrueSmart on Kickstarter will be getting this extra included for free, there was a bit of disappointing news that arrived yesterday. It appears as if the Omate team did not quite have everything lined up for Google Play Store access, despite previous promises.

The Omate Play Store news arrived in apology form yesterday and while this means the watches may not ship with the Play Store and other Google apps preloaded, there does appear to be some hope for the future. Along with mention of the Play Store, there was word the Omate team is still working with Google to make that happen in the future. Either way, for now it looks like TrueSmart backers will be getting a charging cradle and not the Play Store.