Mobile photography isn’t just for selfies and occasional hobbyists anymore, but has taken its place among the “legit” kinds of photography, bringing with it various gadgets, apps, and accessories. Sometimes, your mobile phone’s camera needs a little assist to make your photos look even better. The Olympus Air is a lens camera that you can use with your smartphone both physically and wirelessly.

The Olympus Air 01 is the Japanese company’s take on lens cameras, similar to Sony’s QX lens cameras. It is a 16MP sensor and mount that has the Micro Four Thirds standard, as well as interchangeable lenses for wide-angle, telephoto and macro shooting. Based on the fact that the image quality is determined by the lens, image sensor, and image processor, they came up with a winning combination to give you SLR-quality images. It also has the FAST AF system that makes auto-focusing a breeze, as you just need to touch your smartphone screen for the part that you want to focus on.

Instead of dealing with sometimes too complicated dials and appertures and complex camera settings, you will be able to maximize this camera lens through eight apps created specifically for the Olympus Air and your smartphone. These apps include the OA.Genius (6 patterns in a single shot), OA.ArtFilter, OA.ColorCreator, OA.PhotoStory (multiple viewpoints), OA.ModelDial (to adjust the shutter speed and aperture), OA.Clips (for videos), OA.Viewer and OA.Central which is the base app for the Olympic Air.

The device weighs just 147 grams, which gives you more flexibility than if you’re using an actual DSLR camera. Unfortunately, it’s only being released in Japan (hopefully, just initially) where it will be available by March 6. It will cost around $289 and if bundled with Olympus’ 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, it will be $425.

SOURCE: Olympus