If you like to check out products that aren’t released yet and try to glen details for the images, we have a treat for you today. OGT Mobile has been teasing a new device on its main website for a while that is hidden away under a cloth. The company offers no details on the product other than “what you thought was the best, is about to get better…”

Vague we know. The company has taken to teasing us via Twitter with some other pics of the dev ice not turned on and lying on a desk. What we can glean from the pics is that the buttons on the front make it look like the tablet might be another Android offering.

The tablet in the pic is sitting on what appears to be a standard sheet of printer paper. The iPad takes up more space on a standard sheet of paper than the unknown tablet does, but not much. I would guess maybe an 8.9-inch screen or smaller. I see what appears to be a landscape mode docking port, and the thing has a microSD card slot along with a SIM card slot. That is all we know.