Recently, NVIDIA announced the (re)launch of the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet, now renamed as the SHIELD Tablet K1 – named after the Tegra K1 chip that powers it. But this was not the tablet most NVIDIA fans were waiting for, not a stepped-down, cheaper tablet. They are waiting for the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet X1, and that tablet was just reportedly leaked via GFXBench.

The NVIDIA Tegra X1 SoC (system-on-a-chip) is probably the most powerful processing unit for Android mobile devices available today, by way of brute strength and GPU technology. But it’s only still available on the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console, and not on a tablet. Well, this leak may mean you only have a little more time to wait before we finally see such a device.


It will most likely be called the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet X1, which makes sense given the naming convention of the lower model. The Tegra X1 SoC has been confirmed by the benchmark, although it’s strange that GFXBench only counted the four Cortex-A57 cores in the CPU, where there should be an additional four Cortex-A53 cores.

The other specs seem to be taken from the original – an 8-inch screen with 1920×1200 resolution, 3GB RAM, and running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. We’re also kind of excited how NVIDIA will skin Marshmallow to look, err… more NVIDIA.

VIA: Phone Arena