Tired of calling restaurants, only to hear they don’t take reservations? How about being in a bustling area with tons of busy restuarants, trying to decide which is your best bet for getting a seat quickly? If the team behind NoWait has their way, those days may be coming to a close. Their app, which lets you view wait times and reserve a spot in line, has gone nationwide.

First launched in Pittsburg, where the team resides, NoWait aims to do something incredibly simple, but uniquely important. By offering you a glimpse of nearby restaurants and wait times, NoWait will also let you join a wait list from your mobile device. From there, you just need to make i in time to have your name called, and you’re on your way to a meal.

Of course, the entire system is dependent on a restaurant buying in — literally. NoWait has an iPad-based host system that allows the restaurant to manage their queue, and seat in order. Fortunately, some larger chains like TGI Firday’s, Chili’s, and Buffalo Wild Wings are already using the system, according to NoWait. The new

Promising, but NoWait is also looking like it will scale slowly. Though they say there are thousands using their platform, their “get in line” functionality will reach roughly 1,000 restaurants by year’s end, according to CEO Ware Sykes. They’re also going to be rolling it out to their existing customer base right now. Great news if you live in an area where NoWait is utilized, but only being available to 1,000 restaurants by the end of the year is limiting.

VIA: TechCrunch