The folks over at Notion Ink have set up a post apologizing for no demo video today, but promising a list of items that’ll be coming tomorrow and the next day. These items are thus: Panels, the home-screen elements, how multi-cores on Tegra will work, how processes are handled, the memory assignments, how the notifications are handled in Eden, and installation of any 3rd party application. This final bit they’ll be doing in collaboration with Freeware Lovers, a site with, yes, you guessed it, lots of free software applications made by people who love to give away their stuff. Furthermore, they promise that these new videos will be of “tremendous quality,” a dubious claim considering their not-quite-perfect videos of the past. On the other hand, we’ve got high hopes for the tablet, so we’ve got to have high hopes for this!

This message was sent out to the world by none other than Rohan Shravan himself, and we’ve got one to send back: take a peek at this, RS, it’s a video made by the people responsible for making the Miui ROM for Android! This ROM is in its second big iteration, having only released the first a few months ago. The video is magnificent! And their product? Free. I and we are loving what we’re seeing, but heck, let’s get it pumped up to the quality it deserves!

[Via NotionInk]