Take a look in your mailbox, oh you lovers of the Adam Android tablet that are expecting them to arrive soon, as they do seem to be popping up all over the place today. You’ll be so happy when you get yours, and we’d just love to hear your unboxing story when you get it. One individual went so far as to hug the delivery man when he got his in the UK.

A mister Shane Trafford is the owner of the box you see above. This unboxing of course comes after the so-called “official” unboxing as done by Notion Ink itself, seen back over here if you care to take a peek. One thing we have been hearing from fans is that the software update that’s waiting on your tablet when you receive it might not work exactly correctly. Users are reporting that the update doesn’t quite download all the way, and unknown repercussions are taking place.

Have you gotten your Adam yet? Did the update work for you? Take a peek at the “Notion Ink Error?” thread in the forums to trade feedback.

On a related note – have any of you finalists from the Logo Contest received your “deep discount” yet?

[Via Slashgear]