If you are the sort that likes to eat out, but you want an idea what is best on the menu at an unfamiliar place Nosh is for you. This app is offered on Android and iOS platforms and comes by way of Firespotter. Firespotter was started by Craig Walker, the same geek that came up with Grand Central. Walker sold to Google and the service became Google Voice.

The app is basically a recommendation service that lets you check restaurants that are in the database and then see what friends and others that have been there are and if they liked it or not. The app has the ability to find friends via Twitter and Facebook. The database of restaurants is being built up right now.

Once the database is packed with places to eat, Nosh would be a great app for those traveling and wanting something particularly good to eat. If you hate to order from a menu, wait for the food to get done, and then realize you don’t like the food give Nosh a shot.

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