It seems as though the Nokia Android phone may not happen after all. The original report noted that the plans were “full steam ahead”, and that Nokia would be bringing a low-cost Android smartphone to market. A new report notes that while working on that device, Nokia was also planning other releases, but has halted all plans.

Interestingly, Nokia was said to be working on a 7-inch Snapdragon 400 tablet, which smacks of a Nexus 7 competitor. In addition to that, there were a few others, including the aforementioned smartphone. Those were created under the auspice of Nokia’s CTO division, which will not be migrating to Redmond when Microsoft officially takes over Nokia’s hardware division.

Sadly, part of the Microsoft deal states that Nokia can not release any device under their brand for two full years. The decision to shelve the projects was said to be done without Microsoft involvement, and made within the CTO department, possibly at the behest of Peter Skillman, head of Ux design. Though these projects might be shelved, the department is far from stagnant.


The CTO department is said to be working on new technologies, like wireless power and flexible displays. There is still talk of the Nokia smartwatch going to Microsoft, but after that, the CTO department can do as they like, which could include grapheme sensors and augmented reality. Nokia might even be working on smart glasses for a 2015 release, other reports suggest.

While we’re not ready to call the Nokia Android smartphone dead, we’re also not going to get too excited just yet. It’s waffling on reality, bordering on inanity, and causing more annoyance than excitement. At this point, we’re just wondering if Nokia smart glasses for 2015 are a Google Glass reboot. If not, it sounds like the CTO department has a bunch of great stuff lined up anyway.

VIA: Unwired View