I guess I can’t really say this app will help you save those precious MPG on your car, but that is because it doesn’t need that stuff we so deeply depend on called Gasoline — or oil. Recently Nissan released an Android app just for the Nissan LEAF. From initially checking it out I want the car just based on how awesome the app is.

You can control your new electric vehicle right from your Android powered smartphone with this new application. It actually offers some really cool features that I could see myself using if I owned the LEAF. I mean you can’t control everything but being able to hit “start charging” right from your phone before you head to bed, getting state of battery and level indicator notifications as well as notified when charging is complete. Sounds pretty cool right?

Start the car and get the air conditioning going right from inside the house, I love it. Things like battery life and estimated driving range are all nicely provided on-screen in the vehicle but being able to access this all from the app is quite convenient also I must admit. While this may not be revolutionary it is pretty nice and feature complete so head over to the source link to download if you feel the need.

[via Android Market]