It’s official: Today the folks over at Nikon have beat Samsung and many others to the punch by announcing their all new Android powered smart camera known as the Coolpix S800c. This 16 megapixel shooter surely will beat anything else in your pocket running Android, oh and did we mention it’s a Nikon?

We pretty much knew this was coming after countless leaks over the past few weeks all but confirmed the smart camera. Then late last week we got our first actual photos of the phone which match what Nikon has posted up on their site. At first glance this is just a regular point and shoot camera, but on the back is a 3.5-inch touchscreen powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

It rocks GPS so you can Geo-tag and upload all those photos to the ever popular Instagram or Twitter, and of course has WiFi so you can access and transfer images to your smartphone or tablet. The big question after all the rumors was the Google Play Store, and Nikon has confirmed full support to all the Android apps. Sadly that means that yes you can play Angry Birds on your Nikon camera — but that also means there’s some serious potential for app developers.

The new Android-powered Nikon Coolpix S800c has 10x wide optical zoom and 1080p video capture. Other than the camera details we don’t fully know what’s “under the hood” as we call it in the smartphone world. Yes they confirmed full Play Store support but other than the 4GB of internal storage what will be powering these apps. Can we actually really play Angry Birds if we’d like? Those questions remain unanswered for now. For those interested in an Android smart camera the Coolpix S800c will be available in black or white for $349 starting next month. Who’s buying?

[via Nikon]