This is probably a bit confusing for some but today Google has changed the status of the Nexus 7 on the Google Play Store. Previously it was listed for pre-order and “shipping in 1-2 weeks.” Today however Google’s changed that to actually “In Stock” and that it will ship instantly. This is only the 8GB version, as the 16GB actual got pushed back from 1-2 weeks to 3-4 weeks earlier today.

Orders from the actual Google Play Store started updating late last week and have been shipping since Friday afternoon for those who’ve ordered the tablet. Google confirmed all current orders would ship within 3 business days, and many have received their tablets today. Although this morning the 16GB version went from shipping soon in 1-2 weeks to actually delayed and now shipping in 3-4 weeks.

It appears that Google either ordered extra 8GB versions expecting that awesome $199 price tag to make it sell like hot cakes, but clearly many have been opting for the larger model. We don’t know how many are available, or if Google didn’t anticipate as high of sales for the 16GB version of the tablet, but that appears to be the case. Either way if you’d like to order the Nexus 7 and have it ship right away the 8GB model is your only option from Google. Otherwise I’d be checking my local Gamestop, Staples, or Sam’s Club as they should still have limited stock in their stores.

Good luck and happy shopping! Oh and if you got one check out our 5 recommended games.

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